Creation of Universe, Brahma and Shiva by Lord Vishnu

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In this article, I am going to explain – How this world was created, How Parmatma incarnated as Narayana, and the Birth of Lord Brahma & Lord Shiva!

When these worlds did not exist, Parmatma alone was there! Maya/Prakriti (Prakriti – not this nature that contains Trees etc) and Kaal (Time) are two of his Shaktis (Powers). This Maya/Prakriti is known as Durga/Lakshmi/Amba etc.

Due to Kaal Shakti, three Gunas (Satva, Raj, and Tam) were created from Maya/Prakriti!

And from them, Mahat-tatva [also known as Chitt (चित्त)] was formed. From it, Ahankar (False Ego) came out. Due to this Ahankar (False Ego), we think that this body is mine/I am this body. This Ahankar (False Ego) was of three types — Satvik (सात्विक), Rajas (रजस्), and Tamas (तमस).

1. Tamas Ahankar created —Panchmahabhoot [Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Tej (Light), Vayu (Air) & Aakash (Sky)] & Panchtanmantras [Indriya Vishay – that our 5 Gyanendriyas sense – Gandh (Smell), Ras (Taste), Roop (Appearance), Sparsh (Touch), Shabd (Words)]

2. Rajas Ahankar created — 10 Senses [5 Gyanendriyas like Tvacha, Shrot, Chakshu, Rasna, Naasik (also known as Skin, Ears, Eyes, Tongue, Nose) and 5 Karmendriyas like Hast, Paad etc. (also known as Hands, legs etc.)

3. Satvik Ahankar created — Mind (मन) and Devatas for each Indriya and Mind!

But these elements could not get assembled to form anything. Then Parmatma entered each element. So, they gathered and formed an egg [Brahmand (ब्रह्माण्ड)(Universe)]. 

{This Brahmand (ब्रह्माण्ड)(Universe) is surrounded by the 7 layers [Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air), Aakash (Sky), Ahankar (Ego), Mahatatva, and Prakriti. The size of each layer is 10 times that of the previous layer]. Vishnu’s Param Dham(supreme abode) is located beyond this “Prakriti” (the last layer). It has infinite universes}

That Brahmand remained Nirjiv (Lifeless) for 1000 years. Again, Parmatma Vishnu entered that egg (Brahmand).

So, a Virat Purusha who has thousands of heads, legs, eyes, etc. came out from that egg (Brahmand) and started searching for a place to live. So, he created water.

Water-being created by Virat Purusha (नर) known as Naar (नार). He lived there for 1000 years. So, He (Virat Purusha) is known as Narayana!

All the 14 worlds (For more details please read this article: The 14 worlds) are situated in him only. Apart from this; the previous worlds, the current worlds, and the future worlds are located in him. Even humans, devatas, birds, animals, etc. come from him.

All of these things are situated in his 10 fingers only which means that he is endless! The lotus on which Brahma was born came out from his navel only.

This Virat Purusha Narayana is the first incarnation (avatar) of Parmatma. So, he (Narayana) himself is the Parmatma. This Virat Purusha Narayana is the source of infinite Avatars (Ram, Krishna, etc).

There is NO difference between his avatars, him and Parmatma. They are all the same just different forms! 

Lord Vishnu
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This is Sthula roop of Parmatma. Apart from this, Parmatma has Sukshma roop too. It is beyond our minds!

Both of these forms are created by Maya only. 

Birth of Lord Brahma
Lord Brahma (Image Source: Google)

Now, let’s talk about How Lord Brahma was born!

At the end of Kalpa (it is a unit of time that is equal to a day or a night of Brahma), Narayana/Vishnu annihilated everything and started sleeping on Shesha Naag. The subtle bodies of all the Jeevas (Sukshma shareer – that includes senses + mind) were situated in his body! 

Vishnu deactivated all of his powers except Kaal Shakti to wake him up at the beginning of Kalpa. So, when the new Kalpa started, his Kaal Shakti woke him up. He saw infinite worlds in him. Due to Rajas Guna and Kaal Shakti, a lotus came out from his navel. This lotus was shining like a sun. Parmatma Vishnu himself entered it. He come out as Brahma who knew all the Vedas even though he did not study them. That’s how Brahma was born.

Brahma wanted to know the origin of the lotus on which he was seated. So, he entered it. But couldn’t find the origin of it (Vishnu). Again, he seated on a lotus and did Yoga for 36,000 human years. Then, he could see Vishnu and Shesh Naag. Being a creator, he wanted to create Jeevas but there were only five ingredients for creation— Lotus, Jal, Akash, Vaayu, and his body. So, he did stuti of Vishnu. Pleased with his Stuti, Vishnu asked him to do penance! Brahma did so for 100 divine years! Then he began the creation.

Now, let’s talk about How Lord Shiva was born!

From Brahma, 4 rishis were born. They were mind-born sons of Brahma (Sanak, Sanand, Sanatan, Sanatkumar – all known as Sanakadi). They all wanted to follow Brahmacharya. Brahma being a creator, wanted to increase the population. So, Brahma Ji got angry due to the decision of Sanakadi! This anger came out from between his eyebrows in the form of a child. That child started rudan (started crying). That is why Brahma named him Rudra.

That’s how the universe was created and Brahma & Mahadev came from Parmatma Narayana/Vishnu!

[Source: Bhagavatam/Bhagwat Purana]

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