The Fourteen Worlds according to Hinduism

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In the Bhagavad Gita (9.4), it has been proved that all beings are situated in Bhagwan Vishnu, and in the eleventh chapter, he revealed his infinite cosmic form — Vishwaroopa to Arjuna.

Vishwaswaroop of Lord Vishnu (Image Source: Pinterest)

In this article, I will explain the fourteen worlds according to Hinduism and where they are situated in Shri Hari’s gigantic form.(Vishwaroopa)

14 worlds (Image Source: Google)

There are 14 worlds according to Hinduism.

Seven worlds are upward worlds known as — (ऊर्ध्वलोक) Celestial Worlds! The other seven are downward worlds known as — (पाताललोक) Nether worlds.

So, what are they? Where are they located? Who lives there? How do they look? I will try to answer these questions in this article.

Let’s start with the seven celestial worlds (ऊर्ध्वलोक).


According to the Vishnu Purana’s Part 2, Chapter 6; These worlds are —

1) Bhurloka (भूर्लोक)
2) Bhuvarloka (भुवर्लोक)
3) Svarloka (स्वर्लोक)
4) Maharloka (महर्लोक)
5) Janaloka (जनलोक)
6) Tapaloka (तपलोक)
7) Satyaloka (सत्यलोक)

Here Loka (लोक) means World.

Where are they situated on the Lord Vishnu’s gigantic form?

His (Bhagwan Vishnu’s) neck is the Mahar Worlds, His mouth is the Jana Worlds, and His forehead is the Tapas Worlds. The topmost world, known as the Satyaloka is the head of him. The Middle worlds are situated in his navel. (Source: The Bhagavat Purana)

Where exactly are these seven worlds located?

– Earth is the Bhur world. (भूर्लोक)

– The space between the sun and the earth is the Bhuvar World.(भुवर्लोक)

Let’s understand Yojan for better understanding  of further explanation1 Yojana = about 8 miles = about 12.8 km (Approximately)

(1,00,000 Yojans above the Saturn planet is Saptarishi and 1,00,000 Yojans above it is the sphere of Dhruva)

– The space between the Sun and the Dhruva is the Svar world.

1,00,00,000 Yojans above Dhruva is Mahar world where the Bhrigu rishi lives.

2,00,00,000 Yojans above the Mahar world is the Jana world where the four sons of Brahma – Sanakadi live.

8,00,00,000 Yojans above the Jana world is the Tapa world where deities named Vairaj live who are never consigned to flames.

12,00,00,000 Yojans above the Tapa world is the Satya Loka which is also known as the ‘Brahmaloka’. Immortals live there.


Now, let’s talk about the Nether worlds(पाताल लोक). Names of these seven nether worlds are —

1) Atala (अतल)
2) Vitala (वितल)
3) Sutala (सुतल)
4) Talatala (तलातल)
5) Mahatala (महातल)
6) Rasatala (रसातल)
7) Patala (पाताल)

(These names are according to the Bhagavat Purana, the Vishnu Purana uses different names for some worlds)

According to the Vishnu Purana, These nether worlds have beautiful palaces and have lands that are white, black, red, and yellow in color with gravel, rocky and golden soil and Danavas, Daityas, Yakshas, and Snakes live there.

Do these worlds look beautiful?  Yes, they do!

Once upon a time, Narada visited these nether worlds. When he returned to heaven, he told the people there that the nether world was more beautiful than heaven.

(Source: Vishnu Puran Part – 2, Chapter 4)

The distance between each of these seven worlds is 10,000 Yojans.

Where are they situated on the Lord Vishnu’s gigantic form?

In the Bhagavat Purana’s Canto: 2, Chapter: 5, Text 40-41, Brahma Ji says to Narada that —

The Atala(अतल) is situated on the waist, the Vitala(वितल) is situated on the thighs, the Sutala(सुतल) on the ankles, the Talatala(तलातल) on the joints, the Mahatala(महातल) on the calves, the Rasatala(रसातल) on the upper portion of the feet, and the Patala(पाताल) is situated on the soles of the feet.

According to the Bhagavat Purana, Lord Vishnu was so impressed with Raja Bali that he made him the King of the Sutala.

Beneath the nether worlds (पाताल लोक) is situated the Shesha (शेष).

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