10 Essential things to keep in mind before appearing in an interview

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How to prepare for an interview? What to wear during the interview? How to behave in an interview?

Are you a final-year student? Planning to get a job? Worried about your interview?

If the answer is yes, then this article is specially written for you!!

Indeed, nowadays competition in every segment is very high and, in this throat-cut competition, we need to mold ourselves in a shape which can sustain in this competition.

[Special note for Engineering Students: For your written test or CBT (Computer Based Test) do not panic and don’t waste your time in learning or mugging rocket science. prepare all the basic concepts related to your core subject (e.g., For Electrical engineering, focus on Machines, Power, switchgear basics, etc.) and basic practice for an aptitude test.]

Generally, a lot of people get rejected during their interviews just because they lack some essential tips even if they are deserving candidates.

I can understand if you are a fresher and suddenly someone says like Bro!! tomorrow you have a job interview and get prepared for it. It becomes very difficult to control our heartbeats because it is directly connected with our emotions. Because, if we get selected in this interview then this job will be shaping our career and it will be the first-ever job of our career, which will provide us the first-ever salary and so on. 

So basically, it is not just an interview it is a whole emotional feeling with which we are going to deal with!!!

Now guys let’s come to the topic I mean “SIDHI BAAT NO BAKWAAS”

These are the main tips for you which you should remember before appearing in an interview:

1. Be Real: 

Be Real, try to do what you say, say what you mean, and be what you seem.

In this fake world, it is human tendency to find a good and real person, but it is very difficult to find one. Most of the recruiters consider the factor that how real you are. So, stay who you are and don’t try to be fake.

2. Be Enthusiastic: 

Enthusiasm is the great force for anyone to work efficiently and this shows how self-driven you are to do the work. It also indicates how curious you are to learn new things and learning new things shows how flexible you are. So, all these important qualities are interconnected with enthusiasm and it is a very important parameter for the interviewer. So, if you are enthusiastic there are more chances that the interviewer will choose you over other candidates.

3. Be Confident: 

Be Confident

We all know this famous line “First impression is the last impression”. Indeed, it is!! I’ve experienced this thing in my life, and it works like that only. It is very important to have our initial good and the confident impression which will separate us from the other students/candidates and gain some attraction from the interviewer. 

Confidence is one of the most important qualities which recruiters are looking for. So, whenever you enter the interview room, walk straight and silently greet the interviewer/panel with a firm voice and do a warm handshake with a firm grip. And keep this confidence during the whole interview process.

4. Be transparent (Tell the truth):

Transparency is the key to influencing people. nowadays all the companies in the global market are trying to be more transparent with the customers and due to this transparency, they can increase their sales and so as profits. So, you also must consider yourself as a brand and keep transparency with the interviewer. Never lie to them.

For example, if you don’t know the answer to any question then just tell them you don’t know because if you don’t confess it and try to bluff, then they will easily identify it and it will create your negative image.

5. Don’t be dumb: 

Whenever an interviewer asks you a question and you don’t know the exact answer then you should speak something related to the answer like “sir I don’t know the exact answer but what I know related to this question is this…..” but if you don’t speak anything and just sit Infront of them like a dumb then it will create your negative impression. (Speak something related to the topic. whatever you know but don’t bluff too.) Also, keep one thing in mind that never lose your confidence in such conditions.

6. No Emotional drama: 

During the interview never cry or beg for the job because it creates a negative impact on the recruiter’s mind. 

Don’t think about the outcome of the interview, you just relax and calm yourself. Rather than being emotional. Think positively that you got the opportunity to show your skills. Also, you will get an experience which is gonna help you to improve yourself.

7. Communication:

The communication is also one of the most important factors for which recruiters will be looking for. Because, after joining the organization you will need to communicate with various people like; with your team members, with your boss, with vendors, with workers, inter-department conversations, customers, etc. and if you have good communication skills then it will become very easy for you to fit in that organization. So what you have to do during the interview is:

Communicate to the recruiter/interviewer with eye contact and confidence, have a bit of voice modulation, try to communicate in English because English is a globally accepted language. but when you face issues with English, switch over to your native language and speak in both languages and importantly with the same confidence.

8. Body language: 

Focus on your body language. Whenever this word touches our ear, we start thinking about body posture and expressions, and gestures. Yes, it is! Body language is the nonverbal signal that we use to communicate our feelings and emotions. So, whenever you appear in an interview Don’t make noise with your legs, don’t play with a pen or anything that is in your hands, don’t play with your mobile phone, sit straight and be energetic.

9. Clothing:

Dress like a professional. (Generally, it’s better to avoid casuals during the interview) Do not wear so much bright and highlighted (E.g., Red, Dark Yellow, Dark Pink, Dark purple) colored clothes, keep your hairstyle as simple as possible, keep your beard in shape and trimmed. it’s not necessary to wear formals, but whatever you wear that should be simple and sober. (If you’re a coder you can go in shorts too LOL!!!!)

10. Know the company:

The biggest mistake most of the students make is they just go for the interview and don’t even try to know about the company like what is it about? What do they do? What are their products? And so on. And this situation can put you in a great embrace. So, you must do some basic research about the company. So, Understand the company, understand their core values, know their products and where the company is located.

Myth Bursting: 

Remember one very important thing that for a job interview there is nothing to do with high grades, good academic performance is important but if you’re thinking like candidates with good grades are gonna get selected first then it’s a myth. Recruiters look for multitalented people irrespective of only academic grades. So, prepare yourself well and have good self-confidence.

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