What is a new year resolution? How to prepare a perfect new year’s resolution?

New Year Resolution
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It is human tendency to keep improving and learning new skills to prove Himself / Herself better than others. So, we keep learning and learning and learning… isn’t it?

Wait!!!. but it doesn’t mean that we only learn bookish theory or the same kind of classroom stuff instead, it is all about learning something new, which is not there in the books. for example, we try to learn how to keep ourselves healthy and fit, how to drive a vehicle, how to play Chess or any other game, how to code, learn digital marketing, develop public speaking skills, etc.

So, we can say that resolution is our commitment to ourselves that I am going to do this specific thing this year, and I will achieve success within this period. But … (when I say “but” it has some weightage)

But generally, we “FAIL” …. fail to keep up the commitment. Sometimes we don’t even have the commitments for our goals. Therefore, we need to be very careful while preparing the new year’s resolution and setting new goals. While doing this we should not forget our previous goals, consider them because it is not necessary to have all brand-new goals on the bucket list. Give priority to previous goals and then set new goals. And keep previous goals in high priority.

SMART goals

And your new goals should be “SMART”. where SMART stands for:

S – Specific

Your goals should be focused and outcome-oriented. Specific goals will help you to identify what you want to achieve. And you should list out the resources which you are going to use for achieving the success.

M – Measurable

Always have a clear definition of your success. It will help you to evaluate your progress so your goal should be measurable. 

A – Achievable

Your goal should be high, but it should be reasonable to achieve. It should not be something that you are not capable of doing overnight.

R – Realistic

Be honest with yourself, you know what you are capable of and whether this goal is worthwhile to you or not. Identify if it is matching with your values and if it is a priority focus for you. This helps you answer the why.

T – Time-bound

Every goal needs some deadline, which will drive you to work consistently for achieving it.


Now, it is understandable that resolution is a piece of paper on which we are going to jot down all the short-term or yearly goals which we think are important for us. Importantly how to set the goals using the “SMART” goals method.

New year resolution is the most famous tradition of the western-/ whole world, and it is also popular in the eastern side/ everywhere. New year resolution is all about self-improvement and becoming a better version of ourselves by declaring yearly goals. On the new year day, generally, most of the people do this and prepare one full-page resolution!!.. and then? …. 

Yes exactly. you’re thinking correctly… we FAIL !!!! fail in following this resolution. for a few days, we follow the schedule in a very punctual manner and consistently. but when unplanned activities come and meet us, we start skipping our schedule and so on… 

We celebrate all the festivals to keep ourselves charged and for boosting the enthusiasm in our life. Because when we celebrate any festival, we feel so energetic and due to this positive energy, we forget our sorrows, miseries, failures and then we start hoping for living happily and start the new journey. 

New year’s day is a fresh start for the upcoming year and our calendar will be reset. And with this new beginning, we should have one resolution. what we are going to achieve in this year for our better future or satisfaction.

In my opinion, everyone should prepare a resolution on new year’s day and try to achieve those goals, start with a small goal but at least start working on yourself. Here is a small guide on how to prepare a new year resolution.

New year Resolution

Perfect guide for writing and following new year resolution: 


1)  Identify your interest:

While selecting your goals, don’t follow the herd. listen to your heart and do what you want to do or enjoy doing. 

2) Keep it short and simple:

It is good to have fewer goals, do not flood your bucket list with unnecessary resolutions. so, you don’t need to juggle with too many tasks, because juggling will make you a bit distracted and everything will be messed up. So, keep your list short. 

Soft skill

3) Soft skill:

Always have one wish which will improve your soft skill e.g., learning a new language, learning MS office, learning coding, poem writing, creative writing, etc.

4) ChooseSMARTgoal:

Before finalizing your goals, do an assessment using the SMART goals method as explained above.


5) Planning:

Planning is very important for doing anything, have proper planning for all the activities you’re going to do. set priorities for the goals and work accordingly. 

6) Measure your progress: 

Keep track of all the activities that you are doing. you can prepare a journal for that as well. By doing this you will be aware of what to do next and when to do it.

Self love

7) Love yourself:

Don’t be so rude to yourself, know your capacity, and select the goal. Because when you select something that is out of your capacity and tries to force yourself, you may fail to achieve that goal. And do not punish yourself if you achieve less than expected results. Give yourself some time and find out where you are lacking.

8) Admire Yourself:

Never forget to appreciate yourself for following the resolution. Reward yourself when you achieve something.  


9) Let it spill over: 

Remember one thing that sometimes you can’t achieve everything at a time and if that happens to you then let your goal spill over to next year, it is not recommended to just complete the task, important thing is to learn something by heart.

10) And lastly “Learn slowly but daily”.

Some resolution Ideas:

  • Write a business plan
  • Read more books
  • Be grateful
  • Connect with nature
  • Learn new skill
  • Reduce your anger
  • Have Positive attitude
  • Keep a journal
  • Travelling more
  • Connect with family
  • write blog
  • Be kind

Happy New Year and wish you all the best from KnowledgeMandir.com

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3 thoughts on “What is a new year resolution? How to prepare a perfect new year’s resolution?”

  1. Superbly explained! Well done Dhananjay!!!
    One more point you can add is that make a calendar and put a tick mark when you complete the activity/activities as per the schedule. This tick mark or smile(which is given by you for the appreciation) will give you motivation to work more.

    1. Much appreciated.
      Thanks Miss. Mariyam for your valuable feedback.
      I’ll shortly update this blog and add your suggestion.
      Keep helping us to improve so that we can provide rich articles to our readers.

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