Few of the Reforms which India Needs

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It’s been 70+ years since we got independence. Still, we are stuck at a $3 trillion economy. Our Per Capita Income (PCI) is $2000 which is less than Bangladesh’s PCI. Moreover, about 20 African countries are richer than India on a per capita GDP basis.

It’s clear that the existing system hasn’t given us – Social and Economic growth. We have poor infrastructures, low PCI, and Poor Law and order.

India is in dire need of reforms. Let me talk about those reforms:

1) First Reform — We have a rotten parliamentary system that needs to be changed. We must adopt the Presidential system.


These are the benefits of the Presidential system:

  • This system will give us a stable govt because the President can’t be removed by “No Confidence Motion” in Parliament. So, there won’t be any horse-trading to topple/form the government. Plus, due to the stable govt, President will be able to take tough decisions.
  • Executive (Ministers) need not be legislators (MP/MLA), so we will get good ministers (experts from various fields)
  • There will be different elections for MPs and President. So we won’t have to choose unqualified legislators to make someone President who belongs to the party of those legislators. Example: If you want Mr. X as President, then it’s not compulsory to vote for unqualified MPs of Mr. X’s Party.

The current Westminster system has given us Coalition govts, horse-trading, unqualified MPs, MLAs, and Ministers. Therefore, we must throw this system in a dustbin and adopt a Presidential system.


2) Second reform — should be about the appointments of Judges. Probably, India is the only major country where judges appoint other judges. Well, that’s because of the existing collegium system. US has a much better system where the executive branch (POTUS: President of the United States) nominates judges and the US Senate (Upper house of the US Congress/Parliament) approves them. In our case, PM must appoint the Judges and Lok Sabha must approve/reject those appointments.

3) Third reform — Abolish the existing whip system. Due to this whip system, MPs are not independent to vote on bills as per their will. They have to vote as per the directive of the party high command. If we abolish this system, MPs will be able to vote as per the will of the people of their constituencies.


4) Fourth reform — Introduce US-style Primaries where the Party workers will choose a candidate of that particular party and not the High command. Due to the absence of the Primaries, our MPs/MLAs don’t listen to us. They remain busy pleasing the Party High command to get the ticket of MP/MLA in the next election.

The third and fourth reforms will empower our MPs/MLAs and thus WE THE PEOPLE!

5) Fifth and last, Abolish Rajya Sabha (RS) adopt the Unicameral Legislature. Do you know who elects the members of RS? No, People don’t elect them directly. MLAs of all the states elect them. Even after voting for a certain in Centre, It can’t work or pass the bills in Parliament in case if doesn’t have a majority in Rajya Sabha. Unelected members of RS stop the elected centre govt. The bicameral legislature system often creates a deadlock hindering the progress of our country. That’s why it needs to go!

Note : We do not support any political party. These are personal opinion of the experts on the subject.

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