How to become more Productive? 

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What is Productivity? 

A simple definition of productivity can be defined as how much work you do during the day and what is the efficiency of your work.

Productivity doesn’t mean you have to be engaged for the whole day in something, instead, it means to complete a task or multiple tasks before the deadline or in an efficient way with smart work techniques.

How to measure our Productivity? 

For measuring your productivity, you can calculate the efficiency of your work, how many tasks do you complete within a deadline with smart work.

If you find yourself less productive then,

Identify where you are spending most of the time and where you are wasting your time. whether it could be social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc., or something that is consuming your time in an unproductive or less productive manner.

I never suggest you to be boring and orthodox, but I’m asking you to reduce doing your time-consuming activities.

What is the best age to be productive? 

Ha ha ha… I just tricked you by asking this question. In fact, according to me, there is no such age for being productive. A person at any age can be productive. There is no specific measure for productive age. 

Do you work hard? If your answer is yes, then … 

No man… you are in the 21st century! in this smart era, you must work smartly with consistency. Because nowadays hard workers are only machines.

(Fun fact: Even machines are smart today, they run on artificial intelligence technology)


Small behavioral/Phycological research by me:

We know where we waste our time but still, we repeat that task or activity and waste more time.

This is an infinity loop. Read it once again if you didn’t get it.

Why do we do this even if we know we are wasting our precious Time…? 

The answer is simple: Because we like or sometimes love to do that time-wasting activity. Initially, we decide to spare small time for it and start doing it then there will be no realization of how long we will be wasting our time on it.

The reason behind is we repeat what we enjoy doing, and when we repeat, it becomes a habit. And such bad habits reduce your productivity.

Conclusion: Concentrate on your small habits and do not let them control you.

(You can read this book to understand power of habits: Atomic Habits by James clear)

Remove this word from your Dictionary: Timepass

I have often heard people answering these questions in a very cool manner: 1) What are/were you doing? 2) Why are you doing/learning this?

Can you guess their answer to these questions? …..

They will say: 1) Nothing bro I’m just doing time pass… !!!, 2) Nothing, you know? just for the time pass.!!!

They do say this simply because they do not have any schedule or goal.

So, we can understand here that, for being productive or more productive we must have Goals. (If you want to know about how to select goals please read This article.)

Always have an advanced schedule: Plan your day in advance (Everyday)

Whenever you have advanced planning, it will save you plenty of time because you have clear thoughts in your mind on what to do and you do not waste your 15-20 minutes of time thinking about it.

As you have a clear idea about what to do, you don’t feel lazy to start with your work, so you save almost 10-15 minutes of your precious time which was going to be consumed by you to make your mind to work. 

The main reason behind this is you have clarity about your work and this clarity lets you feel energetic to do that work.

Therefore, understanding the phycology behind our behavior is important. It helps us to improve ourselves continuously and we all know improvement is a continuous process. This is how we grow!

I have one exercise for you to do:

Whenever you start your day, divide your tasks into three categories: Interesting, Normal, and Boring

(Definition of Normal: Time when you have focus and energy to continue your work)

Then identify few hours in your day when you feel most energetic? when you feel average? and when you feel tired?

Now follow these steps: 

1) Do Boring work when you feel most energetic.

2) Do Average work when you feel normal.

3) Do Interesting work when you feel bored.

Now, let me know your experience in the comment section, I will be very happy to receive your feedback.

Few personal tips to increase your productivity:

– Learn new skills every day. 

– Have a Child mindset.

(Always be curious and ready to learn, do not feel demotivated if you fail in first attempt do not give up on yourself. You will master that subject by practicing.)

– Be flexible, just like “Water” shape yourself according to the article. 

(Make yourself flexible to understand new technologies and integrate it with your work leave all orthodoxy)

– Instead of generic, be specific. it will save a lot of time for you.

– Reduce your time on social media.

(Follow and watch most of the good content on social media instead of scrolling only Memes and comics. your feed should be of both funny and informative content because you become what you consume.)

– Have a schedule for a month, divided into a week and further into days. 

(Also, you can prepare one check sheet/Daily log sheet which you shall maintain daily)

– You can use sticky notes, Alarms/Alerts as reminders.

– Evaluate yourself every day.

(You can do this every day before going to bed simply ask yourself what you did in a whole day? Was it useful for me to do the XYZ activity? Was I able to follow the schedule?)

– Be disciplined. 

(It is the biggest reason for the success, if you refer biography of any successful person, you will find discipline was the focused aspect in their life. That person could be Mahatma Gandhi, Shree Narendra Modi, Abraham Lincoln, Elon musk, Swami Vivekananda, Steve Jobs, APJ Abdul kalam. All person had or has scheduled.) 

– Learn to Say “NO” to people.


(Sometimes you get caught in such a situation when you want to do something with full of energy and enjoy doing it but suddenly someone comes and ask you to join them, or they interrupt you and you cannot say no to them just because you feel like that person may dislike it or you want to save that relation. but you must learn how to say No to them politely.)

– Stay calm and meditate daily.

(If you stay calm, you enjoy the work; you can stay calm when you have control over your mind and control of mind comes when you practice meditation daily)

(Trust me! this practice will increase your productivity as well as it will improve your health too)

– Take small breaks in between when you feel exhausted, do not scold yourself.

– Reduce errors in your work, learn from previous errors.

– Last but not least do not forget to praise yourself for your achievements. 

(Self-love is the best thing you should gift yourself, but also remember one thing don’t be blind in self-love accept your mistakes also and learn from them)

Finally I would like tell you very famous concept called as “The law of Attraction” which is beautifully explained in the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. it says that whatever you think (or Attract), you become. 

Always dream of better you it will attract better version of yourself.

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