The birth of the Devatas, the Daityas and the Maruts

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In this article, I will talk about — the birth of the Devatas, the Daityas especially Hiranyakashipu and the forty-nine Maruts.

Lord Brahma is the creator of the world. Marichi is the son of Lord Brahma and the father of the sage Kashyapa. Daksha too was the son of Lord Brahma.

Daksha and his wife Prasuti had 60 daughters — ten were married to Dharma, thirteen were married to Kashyapa, twenty seven were married to Chandrama, two were married to Bhutas, two were married to Angira, two were married to Krushashva, remaining four were married to तार्क्ष्यनामधारी कश्यप.(Kashyap whose name was Tarkshya )

Vasu (one of the ten daughters of Daksha who was married to Dharma) and Dharma had eight sons who are known as Vasus (वसु). They are Agni, Drona, Prana, Dhruva, Arka, Dosha, Vasu, Vibhavasu.


Bhuta and Daksha’s daughter Sarupa gave birth to many Rudras (रुद्र), of which eleven are main. They are – Raivata, Aaj, Bhav, Bhima, Vam, Ugra, Vrishakapi, Ajaikpad, Ahirbudhnya, Bahurup and Mahan.


Daksh Kanya Vishwa and Dharma gave birth to Vishvedeva (विश्वेदेव). Angira and his first wife Daksh Kanya Svadha gave birth to Pitrugana (पितृगण). Daksh Kanya Sadhya and Dharma gave birth to Sadhyagana (साध्यगण).

Of the thirteen Daksha Kanyas who got married to Kashyapa, two were Aditi and Diti.

There are twelve sons of Aditi — Devadhipati Indra, Vivasvan, Aryama, Pusha, Tvashta, Savita, Bhag, Dhata, Vidhata, Varuna, Mitra. The twelfth son was Vamana Avatara of Shri Vishnu. They are known as Adityas (आदित्य).



The current seventh Manvantara is known as the Vaivasvat Manvantara & Vaivasvat is the current Manu. Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra etc. are the current groups of Devatas.

(For understanding about Manvantra please click here)

This Vaivasvat Manu is the son of Vivasvan (one of the twelve Adityas) & Sangya.

Bhagwan Surya and Sangya gave birth to two Ashwinikumaras (अश्विनीकुमार).

I have already mentioned the names of the Adityas. This Aditya group of Devatas was known as the ‘Tushit’ group of Devatas in the previous (sixth) Chakshush Manvantara.

Now, let’s talk about the sons of Diti — one of the Daksha Kanyas.

Once upon a time, the four sons of Brahma — Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan, Sanatkumar wanted to have the दर्शन (To see and meet him with devotion) of Shri Vishnu Bhagwan. So, they went to Vaikuntha (the residence of Shri Narayana).

The four great sages who had nothing to cover their bodies but the atmosphere, looked only five years old, even though they were the oldest of all living creatures.

After passing through the six entrances of Vaikuntha, they saw at the seventh gate two shining beings of the same age, armed with maces They were the doormen — Jaya and Vijaya.

They blocked the way of the four sages although the sages did not deserve such treatment at their hands. The four great sages got angry and cursed the two doormen. Sages said — these doormen are contaminated and should be removed from Vaikuntha to the material world, where the living entities have three kinds of enemies — काम(lust), क्रोध(wrath), and लोभ(greed).

The doormen became afraid and said — we pray that due to your (Four sages) compassion at our repentance, the illusion of forgetting Lord Vishnu would not come upon us as we go to Earth.

Then Bhagwan Padmanabha told his doormen — Depart Vaikuntha but fear not. All glories unto you. Bhagwan Vishnu assured them that they would be cleansed of the sin of disobeying the Brahamanas and within a very short time return to him (Lord Vishnu).

So, these two doormen (Jaya and Vijaya) were born as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu to Diti and Kashyapa.

They both were killed by Varaha and Narasimha avatar of Shri Vishnu respectively to help Devraj Indra.

(These Jaya and Vijaya reincarnated as Ravana and Kumbhakarna in the Treta Yuga. They were killed by Shri Ram avatar of Shri Vishnu.

Again, they reincarnated as Shishupal and Dantvaktra in the Dwapar Yuga. Shri Krishna Avatara of Shri Vishnu killed them.

Then they got free from the curse given by the four sages and returned to Vaikuntha as the Lord Vishnu had assured them.)

So, their Mother Diti got angry and said that Indra is cruel and she wanted to kill him. Therefore, she wished to have a son who can kill Indra. Diti began to satisfy Kashyapa with her pleasing behavior. Kashyapa got pleased with her and asked — what do you want?

She said that she wanted an immortal son who can kill Indra. Kashyapa did not want to kill Indra. So, he played a trick.

Kashyapa to Diti — Diti, if you follow my instructions for at least one year, you will surely get a son who will be able to kill Indra. However, if you deviate from any of these, you will get a son who will be favorable to Indra. Kashyapa stated all the instructions. Indra went to Diti’s Aashram in disguise.

Indra’s purpose was to cheat Diti as soon as he could find that Diti missed following one of the instructions given by Kashyapa.

One day Diti forgot to follow one of the instructions. Finding this fault, Indra entered Diti’s womb while she was sleeping. Indra cut her embryo into seven pieces with the help of Vajra. Those seven living beings started crying. Indra told them — मत रो! (Do not cry) and then he cut each of them into seven pieces again.

They pleaded to Indra saying —Dear Indra, we are the Maruts, your brothers. Why are you trying to kill us?

Indra said to them — If you are all my brothers, you have nothing more to fear from me.

When Diti got up from bed, she saw her 49 sons along with Indra. These sons were in friendship with Indra. So, she was very pleased.

Indra told Diti — O mother, I am a fool. Kindly excuse me for whatever offenses I have committed. Your forty nine sons have been born unhurt because of your Bhakti. As an enemy, I cut them to pieces, but because of your great devotional service, they did not die.

Diti was extremely satisfied by Indra’s good behavior. Then Indra offered his respects to his aunt. He went away to the Swarga Loka with his brothers the Maruts. These Maruts are known as मरुद्गण (Maruts). Thus, they became Devatas (देवता).

(Source: The Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana)

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